My goal is to give builders not just a house, but a home that perfectly suits their circumstances.

The design of a building is a process that requires a lot of communication. Only in dialogue with the client can good architecture be created. Because architecture should not determine our lives, but integrate itself into our lives. That’s why I advise my clients openly and honestly and am not afraid to take new paths in order to reach the goal together.

Good architecture does not have to be expensive. A good architect is able to design the right building for any budget without having to make major compromises.

I place particular emphasis on modern and minimalist design. Sustainability, naturalness, quality and healthy living as well as energy-efficient construction are also in focus.

Our everyday life is determined to a significant extent by the architecture that surrounds us day after day.

Jürgen Tietz


  • born 1992 in Gdynia / Poland
  • 2013 – 2018: University Stuttgart
    Architecture and Urban Planning, Bachelor
  • Member of the Chamber of Architects BW
  • since 2022: University Wismar
    Architecture and Environment, Master
  • Languages: German, polish, english

Work experience