Tiny House

Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition
Agnieszka Domaradzka, Jessica Jaschik
Top 50


Our Tiny House is a 27m² module that can be adapted. As soon as the living circumstances of the residents change, the module can be replaced, reorganized or extended to adapt to the new circumstances. This makes it attractive for many people and groups, as it is very flexible.


The modules are prefabricated wooden structures that can be easily combined in various ways. The Mobule itself is not mobile, as a mobile base would rule out the possibility of stacking. Nevertheless, each module fits on a truck, which means it can be easily transported to any location.

Target group and needs

The size of a single module is perfect for two people, as it provides enough space to retreat to. The communal area is designed for cooking, eating and working, while the outdoor area on the roof of the module can be used for leisure activities such as yoga or gardening.


As the mobules are made of wood, they are easy to repair, replace or dispose of. The steel supports are adjustable and ensure a stable and level position. The slightly raised position also protects the wood from water. Each module also has a photovoltaic system and a rainwater tank.